Welcome to Alder Creek Ranch!

Clear, crisp mountain air is the norm in this high desert country. Sagebrush, ponderosa pines and juniper clothe the irregular landscape of the foothills in this transitional environment, ranging from forest land to agricultural pockets and high desert areas.

Heart-stopping mule deer bucks pass through this special land on their way to the lower winter grounds in the High Cascades. It is not unusual to see six or seven of these beauties grazing in the alfalfa fields.

Thousands of deer move through the ranch in the spring and fall as they migrate to and from the mountains. Alder Creek Ranch is at 3100 feet, while the peaks of the closest mountains, the Three Sisters, are at 10,000 feet only twenty miles away.

How about winter fishing on the pond?? Chilly, beautiful, and oh so rewarding! These fish are fighters and leapers. A "too quick" response can mean spooking these wary trout.

Winter or summer, be prepared for a spectacular day of fishing!

Alder Creek Ranch provides some of the most spectacular and yet intimate natural settings for your wedding, picnic, company retreet or other event. Relax around our beautiful lake, and enjoy our available full service catering.

We also offer scheduled events including shooting competitions. Contact us for more information.

Come join our family at Alder Creek Ranch for some of the best fishing, shooting, hunting in the state, or plan your special event here. Also ask us about the many events and unique bed-and-breakfast lodging in beautiful Sisters, Oregon.

17204 Hwy. 126
Sisters, OR